Chicago's San Soo Gap San Might Be the Greatest Restaurant in the Entire World?


Roy is right; the "black shit" is awesome.

I don't know who the hell Roy is or if I can trust his palate, but according to him the Korean restaurant San Soo Gap San in Chicago is "the greatest restaurant in the entire world." And after reading his maniacally enthusiastic review accompanied by photos labeled in a way that seems more appropriate for a sports recap, I almost agree with him. He may not give the most illustrative descriptions—he refers to the kalbi sauce as "mysterious brown goo that makes everything better"—but he tells you what you need to know: that [x food] tastes good. Now I want to feast on "egg disc things" and brown goo-slathered short ribs. (Warning: Watch his introductory video at your own risk.)

San Soo Gap San

5247 N. Western Avenue, Chicago IL 60625 (at Farragut Avenue; map)

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