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Ladies and gents, something's been bothering me since reading Daniel Zemans' epic roundup of Illinois pizza in November. Quad Cities pizza. As a style. I thought I had seen all the possible pizza styles out there, but recently, when Titus Ruscitti posted about Frank's Pizza's Quad Cities pie, it triggered Ranting Adam to go off (at least in my own head).

The Quad Cities area, if you don't know, is a group of five cities in Illinois and Iowa that straddle the Mississippi River.

I'm not sure if it varies that much from what I think of as Midwest-style or tavern-style pizza, but its defining characteristics seem to be its unusual cut and the fact that it uses shittons of spicy loose-meat sausage in a somewhat interesting manner.

The cut is similar to the tavern or party cut except that instead of a grid of many squares or rectangles, the pizza is bisected and then cut several times perpendicular to that initial cut.

As for the loose meats, you might say, Whatever, that's just chunk sausage, but from subsequent photos in Ruscitti's post on Frank's Pizzeria in Silvis, Illinois, it looks like they thoroughly mix in the sausage among the sauce and cheese — almost like some sort of lasagna crazy quilt.

After googling around and finding much support for the style, though, my internal rant seemed to crumble. What do you think, Slice'rs? Is this different enough to merit a whole other regional pizza style? [via Hawk Krall]


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