[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

One would think that I'd have the decency to order a bagel sandwich at NYC Bagel Deli in Lincoln Park, but as you can tell from the picture, I did no such thing. Instead, I went with the deli's seasonal sandwich of choice: The Benny ($9.96). Why such a reckless choice? Well, now that the NBA has things mostly sorted out, can you blame me for celebrating by devouring a sandwich named for the mascot of the home team? (Okay, it is kind of creepy to eat the animal the sandwich is named after, but still.)

If it looks like an absolute mess, that's because it is; featuring roast beef with horseradish cheddar, giardiniera, caramelized red onions, cilantro, and horseradish sauce, this is one ridiculously overloaded sandwich. Just try to eat it without spilling something on your shirt. But you know what? In it's own way, all the flavors serve a purpose and manage to work together, even though it's hard to figure out why.

New York City Bagel Deli‎

1001 West North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60642 (map)


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