Lidia Bastianich, Joe Bastianich, and Mario Batali [Photos: Christine Tsai]

When Ed Levine covered the opening of Manhattan's Eataly back in 2010, he called it a "food emporium of mindboggling proportions," which contained just about "every Italian foodstuff you'd want, everything you could think about wanting." Run by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, along with other Italian partners, Levine added that it was "an ambitious eight-figure bet on authenticity and quality."

Looks like the bet paid off. Earlier this month Eater reported Bastianich was "actively scouting" for locations." Now, Chicago Magazine just published an interview with Bastianich about where it may be located and when you can expect to eat there.

Bastianich told Chicago that he wants to move quickly, with a potential opening date of early next year. As for the ideal location, he hoped it would be "somewhere off Michigan Avenue." Though he admitted that this location would be "a little smaller" than the New York one, which clocked in at an epic 50,000 square feet, Chicago rightly points out that the Chicago French Market is only 15,000 square feet. So, this could potentially be huge.

Eataly, New York's Italian Market, Is Scouting Near Michigan Avenue [Chicago Magazine]


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