Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Five Kimchi Dishes We Love in Chicago

[Photographs: Huge Galdones]

With the accessibility to Korean ingredients (thank you Joong Boo and H-Mart), the success of traditional restaurants (high five Cho Sun Ok) as well as the emergence of new-school establishments embracing the Korean culture (Del Seoul, Belly Shack, Crisp, BopNGrill), it appears as if Korean cuisine is stealing the spotlight from its numerous Asian counterparts.

At the beginning of the year, I (and other SE contributors) vowed to eat more Korean food. Since then, I've noticed that more non-Korean restaurants are integrating kimchi into their menus. Undoubtedly known as the King of Korean condiments, kimchi can offer up a uniquely spicy, salty, pungent, sharp, and funky layers of complexity to any preparation.

To honor the house that funk built (truthfully, I don't even know what that means), I've highlighted a handful of conventional and non-traditional kimchi-based dishes. But where do you go to get your kimchi fix?


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