Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Staff Picks: The Best Meals in Chicago for Under $5

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

If you're like me, then your favorite cheap meal is kind of a guilty thing thing to admit. I'm not talking about the quick fast food burger, or the frozen meal that gets the job done. Instead, I'm after the soul-satisfying dinner that just happens to be $5 or less. If it were a dollar more, you probably wouldn't care, but the fact that it costs so little makes it all the more rewarding. Of course, there are a number of hot dogs and sandwiches that fit the bill, but I challenged the writers to explore other options. (Plus, we already covers both of those categories each and every week.) What made the cut are mostly local joints, two of which happen to serve pie. And as you should all know, pie officially counts as a meal.

Check out our staff picks for the best meals for $5 or less in Chicago. Considering how personal these are, definitely chime in with your favorites in the comment section. All of us are on the lookout for a new cheap meal.


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