Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 8 Great Places to Buy Sausage in Chicago (And Nearby)

[Photographs: Blake Royer]

As we've tried to make clear, Chicago is a city proud of its sausage making history, and every week our charcuterie expert, Blake Royer, has explored the encased meats scene with Sausage City. Since Memorial Day basically kicks off the grilling season, we decided to showcase some of the best butcher shops around town, so you can have the tastiest sausage for your next grill out.

We should note that this certainly isn't a complete list. Blake has only been cataloging these places for six months, and with new shops opening up all the time, this could take him years. (Such a tough life he leads.) If you know the next butcher shop he should check out, leave a comment below. But first, click on the slideshow to check out the full list!

Head Straight to the Butcher Shops


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