[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

PT in the Talbott Hotel is not long for this world, but that's by design. This concept is a pop-up collaboration between Mercadito's chef Patricio Sandoval and the Tippling Bros., a beverage consulting company. But it's also something of a placeholder while Mercadito Hospitality decides what to do with the former home of Bice, a warm and seductive Italian restaurant.

It's not too big of a deal that PT's breezy menu of sandwiches and salads feels kind of at odds with the space, but for what's being called a pop-up, the restaurant already feels like it's on cruise control. If you somehow find yourself here, the best sandwich I found was the Po' Boy ($13). The beer batter doesn't adhere quite as well to the shrimp as I'd like, but the crustaceans are sweet, and when paired with pickled slaw and sriracha garlic aioli, you're left with a reasonably tasty sandwich. Just don't be alarmed if you accidentally feel the need to order a Negroni.

PT at The Talbott

20 E. Delaware Place, Chicago, Illinois 60611 (map)


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