[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Want to meet me on the rooftop deck of Gene's Sausage Shop? Call me up, offer to buy me a round, and I will be there. Located on top of the stunning Lincoln Square butcher shop (where you can score all kinds of wonderful handmade sausage) Gene's rooftop beer and wine garden is one of the best places to drink during the summer. For a year now, the small beer stand at the top has been serving some food, but it was only last week that it starting offering pretzel sandwiches. Naturally, I was there.

If you're familiar with Hannah's Bretzel downtown, then you'll have an idea what is available here. Narrow pretzel rolls are cut crosswise and stuffed with a few ingredients—a meat and/or a cheese—topped with maybe a pickle, and then wrapped up in plastic to go. The liverbest sandwich ($5.00) might not be the best joke, but there is no denying the thick slab of creamy liverwurst at its center. Some thinly sliced pickles help add some acid, but I suggest slathering on one of the many fine mustards on the table. Then it transforms into a truly great sandwich, and you don't even need to be sitting on a rooftop drinking Pilsner to understand that.

‎Gene's Sausage Shop

4750 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 (map)


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