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I've got one big gripe when it comes to food truck sandwiches: soggy bread. And in Chicago, that's hard to avoid, much to my constant chagrin. As it stands, city laws mandate that food can't be cooked on the trucks. Though amendments to the ordinance governing food trucks have been percolating in City Hall for the past few months, they've yet to come anywhere near a boil. So until those laws are changed (and it's not guaranteed they will), most warm menu items sold outside a restaurant have to be pre-made. And when bread sits in an oven wrapped in aluminum foil for hours, sealed up with other moist ingredients, it loses its crunch.

That's what happened with the Roasted Portobello Mushroom sandwich ($8.00) from Beyond Boarders Farm to Food Truck, which is served on Italian focaccia bread. Normally hearty and somewhat dense, the focaccia on my sandwich was sponge-like and almost gummy. Why? Because it sat in the oven too long. And because of that, the bread was a massive distraction from the otherwise tasty, well-cooked mushroom patty, which is also topped with pesto goat cheese and roasted red peppers. This sandwich can't sustain prolonged time in an oven, and in the food truck business, that's hard to avoid.

Beyond Borders Farm to Food Truck

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