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Under the tag line "punk rock pastry," Bleeding Heart Bakery aims for a dining experience that's both sassy and sustainable. The bakery and cafe prides itself on using as many local, organic, and naturally produced ingredients as possible, right down to the flour and butter. Now, folks, don't confuse "organic" with "healthy." Fat is still fat, whether it comes from a grass-fed Wisconsin cow or not. And at Bleeding Heart's West Town location (there's another bakery in Elmhurst and one in Lakeview), there's plenty of that in the menu options to go 'round.

A prime example: the Make-Your-Own Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich ($9.00). Customers have their choice of bacon, country ham, breakfast sausage, or fried green tomatoes, plus white cheddar or swiss cheese, which accompanies a fried, slightly yolky egg. Bookending all of that is a vanilla bean yeast doughnut that's fried the same day, which comes with powdered sugar and vanilla bean glaze drizzled on top. As for this blogger, I opted for the bacon and cheddar cheese on my doughnut sandwich, indelible compliments to a fried egg. I was initially skeptical of how the sweet doughnut would mesh with the quasi-sacrosanct breakfast sandwich combination, but tickle me a convert to the cause. The sweet vanilla glaze was an excellent compliment to the salty bacon and cheese. Now, excuse me while I eat salads for the next two weeks.

Bleeding Heart Bakery & Cafe

1916 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 (map)


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