A Sandwich a Day: Two-Bagger from Lucky's Sandwich Co.

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.

[Photograph: Joe Roy]

The more entrenched I become in my late-20s, the less often I should justify dares between slices of bread like the offerings at Lucky's Sandwich Co. However, having my perpetually hungry teenage brother in tow was just the thinly veiled excuse I needed to give the famed spot a try.

Lucky's biggest seller is the Two-Bagger ($7.50), an undoubtedly over-the-top, but surprisingly balanced sandwich. A generous mound of griddled corned beef and pastrami draped with a thin slice of melty provolone is topped with the ubiquitous tomatoes, fresh cut fries, and seasoned coleslaw. The meat was tender and nicely caramelized, and though bountiful, the toppings were actually quite subtle. The tomato slices and lightly vinegared slaw added just the right amount of acidity to the sandwich, while the fries (though under-salted) were much, much better than they had to be. My hunch that mustard could only enhance the experience proved to be unfounded—this sandwich required nothing other than my undivided attention. I'll admit that I finished the whole thing, but only to save face in front of my little brother. Really.

Lucky's Sandwich Co.

717 Maxwell Street Chicago, IL 60607 (map)

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