Bourdain Spends 'Layover' in Chicago


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The wings at Budacki's Drive-In [Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

If there is one lesson to learn from Anthony Bourdain's recent visit to Chicago for an episode of his new show, The Layover, it's that restaurants need to play it cool. He visited a number of places in three days, including Girl and the Goat, Doughnut Vault, and El Ideas, tweeting constantly during the process. But when Budacki's Drive-In attempted to offer a discount to attract a crowd to the taping, Bourdain canceled the shoot, writing that he was "unhappy that shoot was advertised as a 'personal appearance' and marketing device."

Eater Chicago was all over the story, and even wondered if Budacki's garnered more attention for the cancellation than if it had just been in the show. For what it's worth, it's a stand that happens to serve some very good wings, even if, as Grub Street already pointed out, there are a few dozen better hot dog options out there. Still, those wings...

So, we are glad to hear that Bourdain actually did make a stop at Budacki's, showing up unannounced before he left town: "Stealth shoot. In the show after all."

We are, however, more excited to see that he visited Johnnie's Beef in nearby Elmwood Park, which came in third on our Best Italian Beef Sandwich in Chicago. May the combo be celebrated for years to come.

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