[Photographs: Joe Roy]

Hebron Kabobs on Randolph is right down the street from J.P. Graziano Grocery Co., which is a polite way of saying that I've never been before. But when I found myself in the West Loop with a sudden craving for Middle Eastern food, the tiny corner storefront glistened like manna in the desert (forgive my metaphorical plucking of the low hanging fruit).


I fully intended to order one of the namesake kabob sandwiches, but the slowly rotating rotisserie of glistening meat made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The Chicken Schwarma Sandwich ($6.99) features straight from the spit slices of marinated chicken, grilled onions, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and cucumber, all wrapped in thin Jordanian shrak bread and heated under a hot press until crisp. The chicken was assertively spiced, though the included sauces stole the show. The nondescript white tahini sauce left something to be desired, but the green jalapeƱo and dried red pepper sauces provided welcome zip to the sandwich. With a just added a breezy back patio (BYOB!) and hookah forthcoming, you could easily make an inexpensive evening of it here, a feat that is becoming more and more difficult in the increasingly gentrified West Loop.

Hebron Kabobs

925 W Randolph Street Chicago, IL 60607 (map)


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