[Photographs: Debbie Carlos]

It's really (really!) difficult to go to Feed in Humboldt Park and not get the rotisserie chicken. Even with a number of other tasty sounding items on the menu—not to mention the interesting specials that pop up from time to time—when I want chicken, Feed is my go-to spot. But I also love a good fried piece of fish, and on a recent visit, the fried catfish sandwich ($7.49) caught my eye. I finally took the chance to try it.

The sandwich was delivered with a standard hamburger bun, a few pieces of lettuce, and a slice of tomato. The catfish filet was covered in a hearty cornmeal coating that was firm, crunchy, and well seasoned. Although it looked dry on the surface, biting in revealed a moist, flakey piece of fish. Smearing on a generous amount of the tartar sauce really brought the whole thing together with just the right dose of tang. Visually, I loved how the thinner end of the fish curled up like an ocean wave.


As for the sides, the fries were mostly soft in the middle, with nice and crispy ends. All in all, pretty good fries. The coleslaw was of the less creamy variety, which I prefer, though a tad sweet and not vinegary enough for my tastes. Pleasant all the same, each bite was a nice palate cleanser.

If you happen to find yourself at Feed and not necessarily in a chicken kind of mood, the fried catfish sandwich makes a really great choice. If you're like me and feel almost like you're betraying yourself for trying something different, just get a piece of chicken on the side. All will be right with the world.


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