[Photographs: Debbie Carlos]

Fiore's, a small Italian grocery and deli, is plunked kind of randomly behind an Eastern European church in the middle of West Town. The shop is small but packed full of Italian goodies, including a huge deli counter full of everything you'd need to put together a big Italian meal and a sizable menu of both hot and cold subs.

The Italian sub ($4.25) with oil and vinegar hits all the right notes. You get a nice saltiness from the meat, a good amount of acid and crunch from the giardiniera (which costs a little extra), and the bread, though a little chewy, did a good job of holding everything together. I also added roasted peppers to the sandwich, but they kind of got lost amid the stronger flavors of the giardiniera. This is not a revelatory sandwich, but an unassuming, and very tasty one. Plus, with the various side dish options at the deli counter, you can put together a really great meal capped off with some gelato or a big chocolate cannoli.


Fiore's Delicatessen‎

2258 West Erie Street, Chicago, IL 60612 (map)


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