Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Chicago's Best Looking Sandwiches

[Photograph: Huge Galdones]

Welcome to National Sandwich Month at Serious Eats Chicago! For the next four weeks, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the best bites between two slices of bread. If our A Sandwich a Day column has proven anything over the past nine months, it's that there are a lot of amazing sandwiches in Chicago. We've already written about nearly 200 (!) different options, and we aren't even close to done. In fact, the hardest part isn't locating a sandwich to write about, it's trying to capture the awesome deliciousness of the dish in question. Sometimes our photography skills let us down, other times we come so close you want to try and eat the screen. That's what today's feature is all about. Here are the best looking sandwiches we've eaten so far in 2012. (Don't say we didn't warn you about drooling on the screen.)

Take a look at all of them by clicking on the slideshow, or by checking them out individually below. Did we miss one of your favorite pictures? Let us know!


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