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What are the top ten restaurants in Chicago? Zagat just weighed in with its annual Chicago list, which was voted on by an impressive 6,211 area diners. Coming in at number one is a complete and utter shock... ah, who's kidding, it's Alinea! That said, this is actually a change from last year, when Les Nomades took the top spot (after a chef change, it is now at number five). Grant Achatz's Next also made the list at number three, followed by some usual suspects (Avec, Schwa). But I have to admit that a few the picks are puzzling. Spiaggia is absent, yet Riccardo Trattoria made it at number four? Why is neither Frontera or Topolobampo here?

I feel like I could go on, but I suppose discussion is what these lists are all about. Zagat's scoring system definitely is unique, and it's cool that it takes another look at Chicago's dining scene. Anyway, take a look at the full top ten list below, and let me know what you think.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Chicago
1. Alinea
2. Katsu
3. Next
4. Riccardo Trattoria
5. Les Nomades
6. Takashi
7. Avec
8. Green Zebra
9. MK
10. Schwa


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