8 Corn Dishes We Love in Chicago


[Photographs: Roger Kamholz]

With summer winding down, the next few weeks may present our last chance for months to enjoy the gifts of the season in their freshest, most robust, most immediate form. And one of the shining emblems of summertime is surely fresh corn. Canary-yellow ears of steamed and grilled corn, perhaps dusted with salt or bathed in melted butter, are fixtures at picnics and cookouts.

Indeed, having corn on the cob is eating it in its simplest, most accessible form. But what else is out there? What are Chicago's restaurants doing to take full advantage of the season's crop of sweet corn, exploring it in creative and unexpected ways? I sought out to investigate. And the range and variety I found was impressive; Chicago's chefs this season have taken corn way beyond the cob, using it as the nectar-sweet muse for soups, salad, cornbread, polenta, and more. Check out the slideshow to see the seven tasty sweet corn dishes I uncovered.

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