[Photograph: Joe Roy]

Admit it, Logan Squarans: whether you've stopped in or not, recently opened Daddy Cool's has you asking questions as you drive/bike/rollerblade past. Is the slicked back blonde hair what makes Daddy so cool? Will this "Fancy Red Hots & Burgers" joint be able to compete with nearby Hot Doug's? And in the hometown of Vienna Beef, why in the world are they using skinless hot dogs from a small distributor? (I may be the only one asking that last question).

My piqued curiosity combined with Daddy's minimal internet presence thus far meant that I just had to stop in. The Deluxe Grilled Cheese ($3.99) is a griddled white bread cheese sandwich (I chose cheddar from a list including American, pepper jack, and Swiss) with tomato slices and bacon tucked in. The sandwich is no more and no less than what it sounds like. In fact, it's very reminiscent of a similar sandwich nearby. In any event, I would certainly stop in for one of these the next day after a late night at the Congress across the street. Judging by his rad sunglasses, I'd say that's really all Daddy Cool is asking for.

Daddy Cool's

2200 N Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 (map)

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