Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Staff Picks: The Best Places to Brunch in Chicago

[Photograph: Huge Galdones]

Brunch is the great unifier, a meal specifically designed for everyone. All are welcome: parents with young kids, night revelers and the still-intoxicated with a mighty craving, and even those in restaurant industry who, just hours before, might have been on the line serving the people sitting next to them (of course, not the chefs working brunch, but still). While there are many different kinds of restaurants catering to this mid-morning crowd, a certain casualness also ties all of these crowds together. Well, that and lots and lots of eggs.

While it sounds easy to flip out sunny side up eggs and strong coffee and call yourself a brunch destination, it's much harder to do things right. Time is of the essence, and that coffee needs to be refilled quickly. Do everything right and you could then be cursed with epic crowds, raising expectations to absurdly high levels.

Which is to say, when you find a place that does everything right, you hold on to it. We asked our contributors to pick out their favorite spot to brunch, and for the first time in ages, every single person picked a different place. We're taking this to mean that there has never been a better time to brunch in town, as these many great picks prove.

Take a look at the slideshow to see them all, or click on them individually below. Did your neighborhood joint fall through the cracks? We know there are many more out there. Let us know!

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