[Photographs: Lindsey Becker]

It was 90 degrees, and I was baking in a large dusty square of broken asphalt and truck exhaust. The line for the lone ice cream truck was easily 40 people and approximately 20 meltingly hot minutes long. If I hadn't been at the 2nd Annual Food Truck Social, the circumstances would have been dire. But luckily I was saved by an unlikely hero: Sweet Ride.

If you ever find yourself in a similarly sticky situation, don't write off what appears to be just another cupcake truck. Surprisingly enough, a cold and creamy treat can also be found at Sweet Ride in the form of their simple Banana Pudding ($4). Nilla wafers and slices of fresh banana are nestled among layers of vanilla pudding so thick and creamy it could almost pass as custard. But there's a lightness and subtle sweetness to this pudding that custard lacks, which makes it a surprising but viable popsicle alternative.


Sweet Ride

Twitter: @SweetRideChi
312-798-YUMM (9866)


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