[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I try to avoid mixing my coffee shops with my lunch joints. My general theory of coffee shop food states that if the coffee is good, the food usually suffers by lack of attention. But perhaps I should allow for some loopholes. The Caddy Shack ($5.95) at New Wave is one of them. At first glance, this looks like an average turkey sandwich, albeit one that comes on a bagel bun—a carrying case that almost never works unless the bagel in question is made in house.

But instead of dense and indestructible, the bagel bun is crackly on the outside and soft inside. It adds character to each bite, without getting in the way. Interesting. But the turkey is actually the main reason this sandwich works so well. Instead of slimy thin slices, the turkey here is cut thick, which leaves each piece juicy and distinct. While no great find, this is a perfectly solid lunch option, and one I definitely was surprised to pair with a good cup of Metropolis coffee.

New Wave Coffee

2557 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647 (map)


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