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[Photograph: Dennis Lee]

As some of you know, I'm the resident assclown in charge of Lunch in the Loop, so I'm always excited to see new things pop up downtown in Officeville. Right now the competition for best Mediterranean food in the area is at an all new high with places like I Dream of Falafel, BenjYehuda, Roti, Mezza Mediterranean Grill, Haifa Cafe, Oasis Cafe—and those are just off the top of my head. There's a Naf Naf Grill about to open up, and as I strolled around for lunch one day, I happened upon Nesh Mediterranean Grill.

And they serve something I don't see often: turkey. You're looking at the Turkey Shawarma Shrock ($6.50), which is a flatbread that is about as thick as a flour tortilla. I'm so used to chicken shawarma that the deeper poultry flavor is a welcome change. Nesh Mediterranean Grill also offers tzatziki sauce, which brings a lighter, more refreshing, and less bitter taste than classic tahini. The turkey suffers from a bit of cartilage, but is otherwise moist and comforting. Add some of your favorite fresh salad toppings and you've got a well rounded lunch.

Nesh Mediterranean Grill

205 West Monroe, Chicago, IL 60606 (map)
(312) 251-0144

About the author: After a failed attempt at starting a chain of theme restaurants called "Smellen Keller," Dennis Lee traveled the world to discover his true passion. Sadly, midwifery didn't pan out. Now he works in a cubicle, and screws around as much as possible. Follow his shenanigans on Twitter.


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