The Haute Sausage Truck [Photograph: Dennis Lee]

And the confusing history of Chicago food trucks continues. According to the Chicago Tribune, the City Council gave the green-light to 21 spots where trucks will be legally allowed to park and sell to customers. (The Tribune even has a handy map.) The question is whether this is finally the bold step forward that Chicago's food truck owners need, or another baby step. To know for sure, we'll probably have to wait longer (something we're getting very used to). At the very least we'll have to wait until October 31, when the spots will be formally approved.

Basically all of the locations are centered close to downtown and the North Side. If you live close to any of these areas, this is probably good news. If you don't, well, there is hope that more spots will be added to the approved list. During the process, two places were rejected, mostly due to fears from local restaurants and because of parking meter issues.

2 proposed food truck areas dashed [Chicago Tribune]

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