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Giuseppe Scurato was born in Sicily and serves contemporary American food with an Italian slant at his Uptown restaurant Ceres' Table. Scurato has lived in Edgewater for "a little bit over 10 years," and loves the area because it's "quiet with a strong community"—not to mention that it offers some delicious neighborhood favorites. Scurato walked us through his picks for where to eat in Edgewater and Uptown.

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Sandwich: For sandwiches I like to go to Ba Le for bánh mì.

Bar: I go to Broadway Cellars. I tend to go to bars where you can get good food, too.

Roast Duck Shrimp Dumpling Noodle Soup at Sun Wah BBQ ($6.50)

The roast duck shrimp dumpling noodle soup at Sun Wah [Photograph: Roger Kamholz]

Essential Neighborhood Spot: We do our food shopping at True Nature, which has organic meats and other food. I was able to pick up brats last week from Triple S Farm. It's great. We also like to take the kids to Sun Wah, since it's informal and you don't have to worry about getting things on the floor.

Pizza: We actually don't go for pizza in the area at all.

Burger: The Broadway Cellars one is great, and sometimes I take my kids to Moody's Pub. We go there to sit outdoors.

Date Night: Broadway Cellars again. It's a very intimate little place and they have fine food as well as things that are less complicated. Plus the wine list is pretty affordable and the quality of the list is good too.


Maple custard at Lickity Split [Photograph: Amy Cavanaugh]

Pastry/Dessert: Lickity Split is a really special place. They offer three flavors at a time and you can add toppings or get a shake.


Vanilla latte at Metropolis [Photograph: Amy Cavanaugh]

Coffee: We go to Metropolis. I like coffee and my wife likes tea and we feel at home there. We know the owner and we just sit there and the people are always pleasant. It's definitely a good place to hang out on Sunday mornings.

Breakfast: We go to m.henrietta. They keep things really interesting and fresh. The last time I went I had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and it was really nice. We also try to go to Uncommon Ground on Devon, which has a nice atmosphere and outdoor patio.


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