Six Ways to Spend Columbus Day in Chicago


Happy Columbus Day! We could probably make some weak argument about how a certain explorer's actions eventually led to ingredients and techniques spreading to different parts of the globe (how else do you think chiles made their way from Mexico to Thailand?), but then we'd get caught up in some long history lesson when we really just want to relax. Don't you? But if you need some ideas on how to spend the day, we have some ready for you. And even if you are stuck in the office, here are some ways to deal with the sudden cool weather.

  1. If you have the whole day off, this may be one of the last times to enjoy brunch before waiting around outside becomes unbearably cold. Our staff just put together a list of the Best Places to Brunch in Chicago.
  2. Already cold? Nothing quite warms the soul like hot chocolate, so check out our picks for eight hot chocolates we love
  3. Actually, maybe poutine works better at warming you up. Our resident Montrealer helped put together our list of Five Poutines We Love.
  4. Of course, when the temperature dips, it's hard to go wrong with melted cheese. We went a little crazy putting together this list of 21 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches We Love
  5. What goes better with Monday Night Football than buffalo wings? Before you head down to the corner bar for an average version, take a look at our comprehensive guide to The Best Buffalo Wings in Chicago.
  6. Students probably will need to keep studying, but if you happen to go to UIC, DePaul, or University of Chicago, we have some great restaurant guides for you.
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