[Photograph: Lindsey Becker]

As a devout member of the Cult of Oatmeal Lovers, I made a beeline for Tiztal Café after hearing a friend rave about their Oatmeal Shake ($5.95). I have attempted my own oatmeal smoothie creations in the past but was always disappointed in the result: a half mealy/half viscous not-quite liquid that I couldn't decide if I wanted to drink like a smoothie or eat with a spoon. Tiztal's creation, on the other hand, somehow transforms oatmeal into a delightfully drinkable treat, which is to say, I think they have an industrial blender that pulverizes the heck out of the oatmeal. Since the texture of oatmeal is such an integral part of the taste, it's a marvelous thing to taste pure oatmeal in what amounts to a well-crafted, completely smooth vanilla shake. Tiztal also offers variations on the theme with Banana or Pecan Oatmeal Shakes, which should keep me occupied for the next few weekends.

A quick internet search reveals this shake has something of a cult following of its own, and after trying this glorious mashup of vanilla ice cream shake and oatmeal, you can count me in as a member of two oatmeal-centric cults. All hail the great and powerful oatmeal!

Tiztal Café

4631 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640 (map)


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