Editor's Note: I'm pleased to introduce Eric Singerman, our brand new writing intern. As a student at the University of Chicago, he'll be helping us cover some great dishes on the South Side. For his first post, he's checking out a Hyde Park essential, Zaleski & Horvath MarketCafe.

20121031-229765-zandh-little-pecorino-mainimage.jpg[Photograph: Eric Singerman]

[Photograph: Eric Singerman]

Zaleski & Horvath MarketCafe recently got the nod of approval from Serious Eats and it's one of my favorite places to grab a bite in Hyde Park, if not Chicago. Even my cynical, self-professed food expert New Yorker mother approves of their coffee and sandwiches. There's little doubt that it's all delicious, but I always opt for one of their paninis, my favorite being The Little Pecorino ($8.95).

While the turkey sandwiches of my youth were riddled with mounds of dry, barely-swallowable turkey, this sandwich has just a few slices of turkey, which I actually feel comfortable calling succulent (a word far too often used). The bread is crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside-everything a panini is supposed to be-with a slightly nutty flavor. The turkey, which would be delicious on its own, is propelled forward by a great blend of pesto, mayo, roasted red peppers, and, of course, pecorino. The sandwich is just rich enough without being overbearing—the perfect foil to the Chicago winter evening. The sides change daily, so today I ended up with a curried potato salad‐slightly unremarkable, but still good.

Zaleski & Horvath MarketCafe

1323 East 57th Street Chicago, IL 60653 (map)

About the author: Eric Singerman is a second year at the University of Chicago and a writing intern for Serious Eats Chicago. He is hoping to spend college making up for all the food not eaten while cutting weight for high school wrestling.


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