[Photograph: Eric Singerman]

Amidst mounds of guacamole at La Cebollita Grill in Pilsen, I found myself face to face with the Torta Cubano ($5.95). I make the encounter sound far more epic than it was, but having missed lunch, it seemed pretty grand at the time.

Packed with calorie-laden ingredients, this sandwich is the kind of thing you eat before entering a month or two of hibernation. The long list of ingredients includes a fried egg, a hot dog, ham, avocado, mayonnaise, buttered bread, and cheese oozing out the sides. Essentially, it's everything you find yourself craving around 3 a.m. All this richness is balanced out by the slightly sweet acidity and heat of the pickled jalapeƱos.

La Cebollita Grill

1807 S Ashland Ave Chicago IL, 60608 (map)


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