[Photograph: Nathan Lurz]

The star of the Chicken Balsamique Sandwich at m.henrietta ($9.95) in Edgewater is the tamarind balsamic syrup. Its sweet yet very savory flavor pervades the sandwich, balancing the dollop of very creamy goat cheese, allowing it to add a nice bite to the sandwich without overpowering everything else.

The sandwich also sports a cherry tomato and golden raisin relish that adds a shot of mild sweetness and a hint of vinegar. Unfortunately, the slightly dry herbed chicken plays a bit of a background role, as it seems to be there mainly for substance. But because of the flavors of the rest of the dish, that's not a huge problem.


6604 N Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60626 (map)
(773) 761-9700

About the author: Nathan Lurz is an intern at Serious Eats Chicago. When he's not reviewing the occasional sammich, he spends his time trying to convince people to pay him to be a journalist and being amazed he is a professional sandwich reviewer. Follow his wittiness on Twitter at @LurzBlurbz

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