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Sandra Holl, who trained in San Francisco at the California Culinary Academy and worked as a baker at Tartine Bakery, started Floriole as a stand at Green City Market. After selling pastries there for five years, she and her husband Mathieu opened Floriole in Lincoln Park in 2010. Holl has been living between Lincoln Park and Roscoe Village for two years, and considers the area around the bakery her neighborhood, since she spends so much time there. Here are her picks for Lincoln Park.


Dinner Spot: I recently fell in love with the Athenian Room on Webster and Halsted. I love the chicken kebabs on top of French fries. The Greek fries have a vinaigrette on them.

Bar: The Drinkingbird on Clybourn. They have nice cocktails and they also have little things to eat. I'm a French fry addict and I like theirs.


Pizza: There's a place on Fullerton called Pizzeria da Nella Cucina Napoletana, and they have great pizza there.

Essential Neighborhood Spot: The Athenian Room has been around for over 30 years. We always see people we know when we go there and the owner seems to know everyone. I think most people in the neighborhood eat there once a week.

Burger: Edzo's. I go for the grass-fed beef, and I love that you have a choice of what kind of meat you get. I'm a fan of the simple cheeseburger.

Pastry/Dessert: Other than my own place, I go to Sweet Mandy B's and get cupcakes, since my daughter likes them.


Hot Dog: Franks 'N' Dawgs is dangerously close. There's a Belly Dog, which is a play on a banh mi, which is what I get.

Coffee: We have Intelligentsia coffee at the bakery, and I've become such a snob because of it. Heritage is close and sometimes we go there.

Date Night: Balena. Mathieu and I love to go and eat at the bar. Great food and cocktails and dessert is awesome.


Tiramisu Doughnut from 2 Sparrows [Photograph: Kate Bernot]

Breakfast: We don't go out for breakfast very often but 2 Sparrows has a solid menu.