[Photograph: Nathan Lurz]

In honor of a certain holiday celebrating a certain nationality coming up this weekend, it seemed appropriate to go to Fado's, an Irish pub in the Loop to see if there was a sandwich that could capture the spirit of Sunday's festivities—without being corned beef.

The Pulled Lamb and French Dip sandwich was enough to catch one's attention on the menu, and the belle of the ball, the lamb, did not disappoint. Slow-cooked chunks of lightly seasoned goodness remind of mom's roast beef—uncomplicated, subtle, and full of meaty flavor. The moist lamb shines through in every bite, though that's not hard when the supporting ingredients were a little lackluster. The extra-melty white cheddar gave an interesting creamy texture and flavor without being too greasy, but left a strange mouthfeel if you had too much. The tasted hoagie was fine in texture, holding in all the juice from the lamb, but added little to tickle the tastebuds. And the au jus was largely a repeat of the flavor of the big star, which was good but unnecessary with an already one (delicious) note dish. The $13.95 price tag was a little steep for the final product, but if you like lamb it's a pretty great way to get it on, say, an under-the-weather Monday lunch break.

Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant

100 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60654 (map)
312-836-0066 ‎

About the author: Nathan Lurz is an intern at Serious Eats Chicago. When he's not reviewing the occasional sammich, he spends his time trying to convince people to pay him to be a journalist, working at the non-partisan political news site Reboot Illinois, and being amazed he is a professional sandwich reviewer. Follow his wittiness on Twitter at @LurzBlurbz


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