[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

It is my belief that Floriole can do no wrong. Doesn't matter what the Lincoln Park bakery decides to try its hand at—croissants, sticky buns, pizza—I'm always impressed. So it's no surprise that the straightforward Breakfast Sandwich ($8.50) works, if in a different way than most. Of course, we already covered it for this column, albeit the vegetarian version. As soon as I read that post I decided I needed to try the sandwich with a little bacon thrown in.

Most bacon and egg sandwiches go for maximum impact, but Floriole refuses to go that route. Sure, the bacon is, well, still bacon, but instead of a fried egg, a rectangular sheet of scrambled egg is used. It lacks the impact of a runny yolk, but it's also fluffy and astonishingly light, making for a more delicate experience. As is always the case with Floriole, the bread is the best part. The baguette is crispy and thin, with no extraneous doughy parts getting in the way.


1220 W Webster Avenue, Chicago IL 60614 (map)

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