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[Photograph: Nathan Lurz]

At first glance, The Mayor ($7.50) at Kitchen Sink looks like a fairly simple turkey, bacon and brie sandwich. The turkey is fairly nondescript deli fair, while the melted brie is kind of bland. But the sandwich gets interesting when you realize that there is a layer of peanut butter and fig jam.

Every culinary instinct I have wants to scream "genius," if just for sheer novelty. Unfortunately, the peanut butter kind of overpowers everything. Even when I implemented the old childhood trick of flipping over the sandwich to get the jam and brie on my palate first, it came off as too sweet. Luckily, the few bites with everything in proportion were good. If you find yourself off the Berwyn Red Line and are jonesing for some childlike comfort, be sure to ask them to dial back on the peanut butter and you'll find yourself with a fun and unique sandwich.

Kitchen Sink

1107 W Berwyn Ave, Chicago, IL (map)
(773) 944-0592

About the author: Nathan Lurz is an intern at Serious Eats Chicago. When he's not reviewing the occasional sammich, he spends his time trying to convince people to pay him to be a journalist, working at the non-partisan political news site Reboot Illinois, and being amazed he is a professional sandwich reviewer. Follow his wittiness on Twitter at @LurzBlurbz

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