A Sandwich a Day: Wild Boar Sloppy Joe at Longman & Eagle

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[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

It's insane that we haven't yet written about the Wild Boar Sloppy Joe at Longman & Eagle. Sure we've covered a dozen or so of the other amazing options at the Logan Square spot, but how could we have skipped its most popular and well known offering? Well, I can't speak for all of our writers, but I know why I personally haven't written about it before: I only kind of liked it. Sure, the name promises something slightly exotic, but last time I tried the sandwich, the wild boar came off as mild. But since it had been a few years since I last sampled it, I decided to give it another go. And much to my surprise, it looked almost completely different.

My waiter confirmed that the recipe had been changed a few months back, and the tweaks result in a more intricately flavored sandwich, one where the spices really pop. The meat is more finely ground than before, yet it seems meatier and less greasy. The flavor is enhanced by charred jalapeƱo and crispy sage. It's not the prettiest sandwich around, sure, but what else could you expect from a sloppy joe? Of course, since everything else at Longman is also worth trying means that it's going to be even harder to make an ordering decision.

Longman & Eagle

2657 N Kedzie Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 (map)

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