Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 6 Icy Treats to Celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup Win

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

How did you celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks' incredible Stanley Cup win last night? Did you drench your friends with booze or wander aimlessly through Wicker Park's busiest intersection? Perhaps you set off fireworks near my condo for four hours straight? (Not that I'm mad at you.) Regardless, I'm guessing that about half of Chicago is still reeling from the win in some way. What to do now?

I don't know about you, but after watching the team skate around on ice, while simultaneously dealing with the heat outside, I'm looking for a way to cool down. So what about some ways to get that ice closer to you?

Sure, it's kind of a stretch, but with temperatures close to 90 today, icy treats aren't such a bad thing, right? I mean, even if the series had stretched on for another game, cooling down in Chicago is still a noble cause in June. Plus, if you apply any of these directly to your forehead, it might help temporarily relieve that headache.

For the sake of the list, I only included treats with visible chunks of ice—no ice cream, gelato, or sorbet. I also realize that just about every cocktail could have made the list, but the two I did include use ice in a dramatic fashion. Plus, both are delicious. If you can think of any I left out, just let me know. My mind isn't exactly clear, either.

Otherwise, check out the icy treats guaranteed to body check your tongue into delicious oblivion!

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