[Photograph: Molly Durham]

Sarkis Cafe is often confused with Sarks in the Park in Lincoln Park, but they aren't the same thing. Sure they serve some similar sandwiches and breakfast all day, but Sarkis doesn't deliver and it's been around forever. Eater even dubbed the bacon loretta ($5) "iconic."

It seems like Eater had good reason to. Both times I've had tried the sandwich it's been consistently satisfying. It's an open-faced sandwich on thick bread, which is also seriously salty with just the right amount of grease. Interestingly, the peppers are raw, so they lend each bite crunch, which makes the sandwich more substantial.

The combo of "white cheese" and mayo makes it creamy, so I'd recommend a few liberal shakes of hot sauce.

Sarkis Cafe

2632 Gross Point Rd, Evanston IL 60601 (map)

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