[Photograph: Amber Gibson]

Next door to Stephanie Izard's Little Goat diner is Little Goat Bread, which serves three kinds of soups, a kale salad, and six different daily sandwiches (in addition to scones, muffins, bagels and Stumptown coffee). It's a great option in the West Loop for a quick and tasty lunch if you don't have time for a sit-down meal. Plus, two those sandwiches are vegetarian and one is vegan.


[Photograph: Craig Maltby]

I took the plunge and went with the The Vegan ($8), which features both hummus and an avocado spread, making the sandwich sufficiently creamy sans mayo or cheese. But the main flavors come from chunky sweet and sour marinated eggplant and pickled peppers. Thin strips of fried onions aren't so crispy once they are smushed between hummus and avocado, but still offer a nice oniony bite without the aftertaste of raw onions. And all this vegan goodness is sandwiched between two thick, dense pieces of fresh baguette, which has a satisfying chew and a nice crust.

Little Goat Bread

820 W Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60607 (map)

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