Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Underground Dining: Border Oak Celebrates 'American Midland Cuisine' in Chicago

[Photograph: Amber Gibson]

Chef Jeremy Leven and the team behind Tuesday Night Dinner are back with Border Oak, which they describe as an "exploration and celebration of American Midland cuisine."

In contrast to Tuesday Night Dinners, where they might serve anywhere from 40 to 50 people, this was a more intimate experience. The inaugural dinner featured just eight diners, which allowed us to bond over the great food and shots of Malört.

Courses that still have me salivating include the smelt run with cabbage and the stinging nettle dumplings in raw kale gazpacho. After dinner, everyone headed out to the backyard, where we were serenaded by Alyssa Martinez and Weston Rose of Good Evening, while nibbling burnt strawberry marshmallows (leftover from dinner) roasted over the bonfire. My hair still smells like smoke and I kind of love it.

Leven, Jacqlyn Lancaster and the Border Oak team hope to open a brick-and-mortar cafe soon in addition to hosting underground suppers.

Border Oak

2037 West North Ave. Chicago, IL 60647(map)
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