Behind the Scenes at Old Fashioned Donuts in Chicago


[Photograph: Joe Roy]

Located on a sleepy stretch of Michigan Avenue (yes, THAT Michigan Avenue) since 1972, Old Fashioned Donuts has been serving the far South Side neighborhood of Roseland for 41 years. Owner Buritt Bulloch works on display in the front window, a rhythmic concentration on his kindly face and a gloving of flour on his well worn hands. Regulars queue up in the sunlit foyer, patiently waiting their turn with the owner's daughter behind the counter. Some know exactly what they want, while others are treated to a matter-of-fact recitation of the shop's expansive options.

Just a Sampling of the Yeast Doughnuts

My initial plan to sample the entire menu was quickly dashed—by my rough count, there are at least 40 rotating options to choose from. No matter: the baker's dozen plus one that I walked off with provides a more than rounded picture of the shop's offerings.

Owner Buritt Bulloch

Though his store seems worlds away, even Bulloch has not been immune to our fair city's recent doughnut infatuation. Exposure on LTHForum and television alike has garnered him customers from all over Chicagoland, and he's even been offered retail space on the North Side where he'd make a guaranteed killing. He prefers it here, though, far from the downtown "Vault," where Bulloch has heard rumors of customers waiting for hours on end to pay $30.00 for a dozen doughnuts. By comparison, the doughnuts here are $0.92 apiece or $8.64 for a dozen. Lines stretch out the door and they run out as well, but never longer than 20 minutes or before 5pm. This is my kind of doughnut shop.

Old Fashioned Donuts

11248 S Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60628 (map)

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