Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Deep Fried Chicago: We Eat All the Fried Food at Wiener & Still Champion

[Photographs: Joe Roy]

To hear them tell it at LTHForum, Gus Paschalis's 2005 acquisition of Wiener & Still Champion ushered in a new epoch of deep fried abundance. Purportedly the birthplace of deep fried bacon, the Evanston restaurant has been a darling of the site ever since and has been bandied about as the archetypal Chicago stand. It's been on my list since I started writing about fried food, and I finally bit the bullet and braved the Kennedy and Edens the other night to see what all the fuss was about. Since it's such a jaunt for me, I decided to go all out and order every house made fried item, because why the hell not?

When the grease settled, I left feeling conflicted about Wiener & Still Champion. You can taste the extra care that goes into many of the dishes. But others, like the fries, were just off. The owner knew it, too, as he down-sold and apologized more often than I'm comfortable hearing. Here's to hoping WASC makes a return to glory. I for one am looking forward to it.

Click on the slideshow to check out all the options, or look at the full list below.

Wiener & Still Champion

802 Dempster Street Evanston, IL 60202 (map)


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