Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 14 Great Sandwiches to Try in Chicago's Loop

[Photograph: Dennis Lee]

If you hadn't already noticed, August is National Sandwich month, which explains why we've been writing about so many options between two slices of bread, from BLT variations to those that taste better with giardiniera. To cap off this bready month, we decided to look at some of our favorite options in the neighborhood where more people eat sandwiches on a daily basis than any other area in the city: the Loop.

Even though Dennis has been dutifully covering the downtown scene for years now, he's the first to admit that he hasn't visited every single option in the area. No matter how hard we try to cover the Loop, restaurants open and close with alarming frequency. Regardless, these are sandwiches that we can get behind. What's most surprising is how varied the options are. From classic cold cut offerings to bánh mìs to Mexican tortas, the choice is yours.

Take a look at some of our favorite sandwiches in the Loop by clicking on the slideshow.


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