[Photograph: Molly Durham]

The people at this food truck are some of the friendliest people I've ever encountered before 8 a.m. When I roll into work on a Monday and not only get to chow down on a good breakfast sandwich, but the people handing it to me start my day off with a smile? I'm not sure it gets any better than that.

The Eastman ($6) is the signature sandwich from this truck that shells out Dark Matter coffee and three varieties of breakfast sandwiches at a time. They proudly list their other local sources: Slagel Family Farm, Labriola Baking, and Cedar Grove cheese. I figured if they put their company name on this one, it must be their best. I can't tell if I was right. A few parts of this were whatever, while a few ruled.

The big English muffin is lightly toasted but still very soft, not crispy at all (which I prefer on a breakfast sandwich). The cheese has a very plain, unoffensive flavor. It's sort of masked by the other ingredients, but I think the sandwich needed that creaminess added to it.

The best parts were the surprising, or confusing, ones. The cucumber gives a light feel and the tiniest crunch next to the heavier parts. Adding to that was the sweet chili that gave it a sweet heat. Between this and the light/savory juxtaposition, I felt like my mouth was confused. I always welcome this feeling because it means I'm tasting a totally new combo that my taste buds aren't used to.

The Eastman Egg Company

Various locations
(312) 600-4814


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