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I truly believe the egg is underrepresented in sandwiches. I don't mean as a topper, like on a burger, but as the main star of the show. Eggs are cheap, nutritious (despite the cholesterol), and delicious. They are also versatile; you can easily incorporate them into any meal of the day.

The Eastman Egg Company is a food truck vendor that stacks brunch into a portable sandwich. The namesake Eastman ($6.00) is composed of an egg, ham, farmer's cheese, cucumber, and sweet chili sauce all on a nice big English muffin. In theory it sounds like a solid combination, but overall, it lacks salt and moisture, making the flavor of this sandwich muted and a bit dry. You'd think the ham would bring a punch of salt, but it's not quite enough to hit the sodium target. The cucumber adds a distinctly English spin to the sandwich along with its fresh crunch but it doesn't add as much moisture as you'd imagine.

My suggestion? Order it with some extra sweet chili sauce and see how that works out.

Eastman Egg Company

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