A Sandwich A Day: The Hobbit at Bourgeois Pig Cafe

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[Photograph: Molly Durham]

Why this sandwich is named The Hobbit ($9.63), I have no idea. It's not small like one or hairy like one; plus, it hails from Lincoln Park instead of the Shire. For a triple decker, it is thin, which makes it easier to eat, but the sourdough is so thin that it sogs up easily too. I suggest coming prepared to scarf down the whole thing at once, rather than picking it up to take home.

Messiness aside, I've never had a bad sandwich from the Bourgeois Pig, and this one beats all the rest from my past. It's the first three ingredients listed for this sandwich that make it great: sun dried tomato pesto, mayonnaise, and crumbled bacon. I can't believe I'm saying this given my allegiance to real pesto (I travelled to its birthplace, Genoa, just to taste it), but this wouldn't be as good with the basil kind. The roasted tomato gives it a heartiness and acidity that brings it all together. The crumbled bacon gives it a more even bacon flavor than with slices, and the mayo gives a creaminess to counteract the 3-layers-of-toasted-bread crunch.

Bourgeois Pig Cafe

738 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60614 (map)

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