Tofu! At Yusho. [Photograph: Roger Kamholz]

Earlier this week I posted about Next's epic 21-course vegan menu, which could have been a long drag, but instead turned out to be one of the better dinners I've had in 2013. Sadly, even if I could figure out a way to score another ticket, I wouldn't be able to afford the pleasure again. This got me thinking about where else to feast on vegetables in Chicago.

Going completely vegan is a tough order, so let's open this up to all vegetarian restaurants. Of course, we have a column that explores the high and low of vegetarian eating in Chicago, from Protein Bar to Grace. Personally, I have thing for expertly done veggie tacos and spicy vegetarian Indian.

What is your favorite vegetarian meal in Chicago? Do you like to splurge, or do you prefer getting your vegetarian fix at neighborhood places? Do you prefer meat-lite options to completely vegetarian? Leave a comment below!


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