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[Photographs: Amber Gibson]

Similar to restaurants like Next and Sixteen, iNG changes its entire menu concept every few months. The playful restaurant known for its flavor-tripping Miracle Berry is currently showcasing street food, the first menu by new executive chef, Tim Havidic, who spent several years working at iNG's sister restaurant Moto. Havidic's deconstructed tasting menu of street food from Mexico to Hong Kong will be available through October.

Havidic chose street food as his debut menu because he says street food is the tastiest food in any country: "It's comfort food. Just something you'll pick up while you're walking down the street. I might not know you, but I trust you enough that I'll eat your food."

Mexican flavors are prominent on several courses, from a charred corn salad reminiscent of elote to pig face tacos and a final churro-inspired dessert. "Everything from Mexico is perfectly in season right now," Havidic says. "I had to do a taco, because it's the quintessential street food, in my opinion. Our pastry chef really liked the idea of churros, so we had to do that. And my sous chef really wanted to do elotes."

The full tasting menu, documented in the slideshow, is ten courses ($105) with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink pairings included. An abbreviated six-course ($85) and three-course ($50) menu is available as well.

Next up for Havidic? A menu inspired by Salvador DalĂ­. Look for whole-animal butchery in the near future too, when Havidic puts his butcher shop experience (he opened Lindy & Grundy Local, Pastured and Organic Meats in Los Angeles) to use.

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