[Photograph: Molly Durham]

The chicken katsu ($11) at BellyQ was ten times more intense than I thought it would be when I ordered it. Yet, not in the way I imagined. The sandwich first lured me in with the giardiniera, because I was excited to see what Bill Kim's version would be like. It was much milder than the kind I'm used to, with the pickled vegetables just adding a hint of sweet kick. Along with the pepper jack cheese, the sandwich barely touched the boundary of what I'd consider spicy.

The way it surprised me what that it is huge. It's basically a sandwich and a half, which I have zero complaints about, mostly because each piece of chicken was so crispy. Still, the chicken is stacked three slices high in some places, while two would have been plenty. I'll warn anyone who tries this that it will fall to pieces. The Chinese broccoli slips all over the place, the cheese oozes out, and it's super juicy. A mess for sure, but the flavors are good enough together that it doesn't ruin the experience. The chicken alone is worth the order.

You'll probably have leftovers since the smaller dishes are awesome and worth trying as well, just don't accidentally leave them behind like I did.



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