[Photograph: Molly Durham]

There aren't any surprises with this sandwich: it's the awesome Crisp fried chicken in a different outfit. The fried chicken here is so popular that employees told me earlier that day there were people lined up outside before they opened. Slathered in the tangy sauce of your choice (I chose the sweeter sauce packed with ginger and soy), the huge fried chicken breast fillet is topped with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and mayonnaise, and served on a split-top roll. I'd recommend not even trying to pick it up, and instead go for the fork and knife instead.

This sandwich is plenty, since the breaded chicken and the soft bun of bread fills you up. I think the other sandwich option with bacon and bleu cheese would be too much, but this one is the simple and satisfying option.



  • Lakeview

2940 N Broadway btwn Oakdale & Wellington Chicago IL 60657 7736977610

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